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Some Advantages of Morning Run

Elevates your metabolism. If you run to lose weight, then an early morning run is a great way to trim the pounds. Scientific studies show that if you start your exercise early, your metabolism gets revved up allowing you to burn more calories during the run. But the best part is, since your metabolism has peaked so early, it will continue to burn calories at a heightened rate even when you’re at a resting pace for the remainder of the morning. So when you eat a post run meal and lunch, your body gets replenished with nutrients, but still continues to burn extra pounds.

Starts a routine but gives room for sudden urgent matters. A fitness routine can be difficult to maintain, but if you start it early in your day it becomes a lot easier. You’ll sustain a good habit because it’s one of the first things you do to start your day. You learn to develop a sense of discipline by sticking to your morning run ritual. Another benefit is even if an urgent matter crops up during the day, you can still run and just displace other less important aspects of your day.

Deeper, more restful sleep. If you suffer from restless nights a morning run can help you ease the situation. Obviously, a morning run requires you to wake up early. As you start your day early and go about the rest, by the end of the day you will feel natural fatigue to help you get quality sleep. This is compared to a late evening run where you can still be left alert even if it’s already time for bed.

Okay, so you know a few of the benefits. What about the harder part of a morning run? Here’s how to maintain the routine and a few other tips.

Get ready before going to bed. Save time (and prevent being lazy) by getting your stuff ready before you go to sleep. Ready your running clothes and shoes so all you have to do is put them on in the morning and not pick them out. If you’re still looking for running gear, technical clothes and Reebok running shoes are a good running combo. You can get them at your favorite online shop.

Set up an alarm far, far away. Obviously, waking up is the hardest part. So force yourself to get out of bed by placing your alarm clock where you will be forced to get up, walk and shut it off. This way, you really get to move and won’t be tempted to hit the snooze button.

Drink and eat up. During sleep, your body does not get a regular supply of fluids, leaving it dehydrated. Drink a glass of water when you wake up. Eat a light, small meal high in carbs, low in fat and has a moderate amount of protein for pre-run meal. For example, oatmeal, eggs on whole wheat toast and cottage cheese, Greek yoghurt with berries and almonds are good choices.